Lieutenant Peter Greene works by day as a SEAL instructor and that job is a piece of cake compared to raising his fifteenth n year old daughter. His daughter recently moved in with him when her mother (Peter’s ex) died.

Pete never expected to become an overnight father but he’s doing his best with his moody teen, Maddie. When Maddie disappears, Pete turns to the Troubleshooters for help. But, not before teaming up with his sexy neighbor, romance author Shayla Whitman.

Shay is a mother of two teenagers herself and when she learns of the missing teen, her mama bear instincts kick in. Though Shay doesn’t have the training of the Troubleshooters, she does have experience with teenagers.

As things heat up in the hunt for the missing Maddie, the relationship between Pete and Shay heat up as well. Will they find Maddie before it’s too late? Will Pete and Shayla find a forever romance?

Suzanne Brockmann really delivers with Some Kind of Hero. Thrilling, emotional, and romantic are just a few words to describe this outstanding romantic suspense. Brockmann shines in this fast paced novel.

The suspense is exciting and the romance intoxicating. I can’t say enough about how much I loved Some Kind of Hero. Brockmann is a marvel.

Troubleshooter fans can look forward to Suzanne Brockmann’s trademark romance within a romance. Brockmann also approaches prejudice head on in Some Kind of Hero. Excellent plotting, fiery romance and social topics makes Some Kind of Hero a must read.